DIY Starbucks Latte Candle (Holiday Gift Idea)

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Happy Holidays Beauties♡ Tis the season to start thinking what presents to buy and/or make. If you are a candle addict or on a budget, try making soy latte candles as a gift idea. The cost will be cheaper if you plan to make a lot. I made them as gifts last year and everyone loved the quality of it!

In this video, I showed how to make two candles. Overall, I made 12 candles in 8 ounce glass tumbler containers. I used 4.5 pounds of soy wax with 4.5 ounces of candle fragrance oils that cost .00 per candle as a gift. My total was without tax. This does not include the tools expense that I already own like pyrex cup, microwave, popsicle sticks, tape, measuring spoon, and whisk.

DIY it,


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What you need:

Candle Making Soy Kit:

Soy Candle Wax
– 2 pounds for :
– I used 5 pounds for :
– 10 Pounds for :

Classic Glass Tumbler that are heat safe!!!!
– Any drinking glass that are heat safe from the dollar store or home decor like Walmart and Target.
– 2 Cups = 6 oz soy wax flakes
– 12 Pack 8 oz. for .99:

Candle Fragrance Oil:
– 1 ounce of fragrance oil makes 1 pound of candle wax
– 1 pound of soy candle flake wax = 2 cups of melted wax (16 fluid oz)
– Sampler Pack for makes 4-6 Candles:
– Options to choose from:
– I used 8 oz. of fragrance oil for to make (12) 4 oz candles in 8 oz cups with 3.5 oz left over:

Candle Wick 50 Pieces for :

Candle Dye Sample pack of 7 colors for :
Crayon Shavings:
– (USE WITH CAUTION. Using crayons to color can alter the burning duration and won’t be as effective to throw scent well compared to candle dye.)



Cuticle Trimmer:

Measuring Cut & Spoon Set:

Candle Making Melting Pot to use on a stove top:

Pyrex Measuring Cup:

Popsicle Sticks:



Coffee Ground:


Hot Glue Gun:

Hot Glue Sticks:

Plastic Straws:

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14 thoughts on “DIY Starbucks Latte Candle (Holiday Gift Idea)

  1. Just in case no one else told you, you should never use crayons to dye candles, they will clog the wicks are a bit of burn time

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