Grow Your Own Corn Cob Pipe? Yep! With the new Homegrown Cobfoolery Kit!

For the first time EVER we are offering a unique addition to the Cobfoolery line of corn cob pipe kits; The Homegrown Cobfoolery Kit!

Missouri Meerschaum is about to celebrate 150 years in business, and we at are coming up on our tenth year, so it was high time that we do something special. So we reached out to MM and have acquired genuine Missouri Meerschaum seed corn to include in our new 2017-2018 Homegrown Cobfoolery Kit.

As in the past the official Cobfoolery contest will run through th month of April, but over the course of 2017 will conduct contests and drawings for those who are participating in this fun farming project, and in the end we will add a “Homegown” category to the 2018 Cobfoolery Contest just for those who purchase these kits.

Visit and search for “Cobfoolery” to view all the kits.

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20 thoughts on “Grow Your Own Corn Cob Pipe? Yep! With the new Homegrown Cobfoolery Kit!

  1. I live in western Washington. Here, I'm on solid rock. Can I grow it with my weed in the garage. It's legal here you know.

  2. Hey, that's neat! Only one problem for us Canucks….I checked with the CBSA and consumers are not allowed to legally import seed from the U.S., or anywhere else outside of Canada for that matter…..though it does get through from time to time I am told.

  3. I've grown that variety before or at least I think it was the same variety… Baker Creek Heirloom seeds in Missouri sells or used to sell, I'm not sure if it's still available, a pipe corn variety. The cobs are huge and the kernel is a white dent that makes great corn meal.

  4. For anyone interested in getting a cob, do yourself a favor and buy from I ordered a dagner poker and a morgan cob cigar and both are fantastic. Shipping was amazing as the package arrived two days after ordering. The free pipe tamps are nice as well and so many were included that I put one in every glovebox and kept two inside. Scott and Jandy do a fantastic job!

  5. I had to check to make sure its not the first of April 😉 Very cool idea Scott. Did I understand you correctly that the 2018 cobfoolery contest will only be open to folks that grow the corn?

  6. Oh man Scott! My family and I are SUPER excited about this! We love growing corn. Just ordered 2 kits. Can't wait to start!

  7. Thanks for the shout out Scott! I'm looking over my VAST acreage now to see where best to plant this years crop! Maybe in that section of bottom land down in the holler.  LOL ~Dale

  8. Great idea, Scott! The advantage though will go to homeowners and not apartment dweller's. This should be a great contest though. I'm curious if "MEERLY" mortal men can grow "cob worthy'' sized ears.

  9. This is outstanding! It will make the 2018 contest even more exciting. But it will also make each pipe made more meaningful and special to each one that makes it. Two thumbs up, my friend. Have a great week!

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