15 thoughts on “Routine Tobacco Pipe Cleaning

  1. I do not believe in cleaning a pipe like this after Every smoke. I will run a pipe cleaner almost after Every smoke just to get rid of moisture. Now if i had a $100+ pipe then i might want to try and keep it as perfect as possible but i still don't think it's necessary. I'm mainly a cob smoker and when i first started i would smoke about 4 bowls a day out of my one and only pipe. I still use it today and is one of my best smokers. Maybe because its a natural finish is why out keeps taking abuse?

  2. I've also heard from a guy working for Tobacco Republic in Loomis recommend oil from your nose too. You can also get it on your forhead. Do it before cleaning your face.

  3. it's the nasty ash smell that comes from the bowl that bothers me. Pipe can be "clean" but it still has a bad odor that can permeate a room if you don't contain it.

  4. great instruction; im finding several old pipes at thrift stores and called myself 'cleaning' them; watching this, i need to go back and work some more. my question is, can i use my dry carnauba wax  rather than the olive oil? thanks!

  5. I use a Q-tip to swirl around down inside the bowl to both get all of the remains out of it, and to clean it. Is that a problem when it comes to the cake building up?

  6. one of my pipe stems is getting a little loose from the shank. i have heard of people using mineral oil for the inside shank. would anything hep to put in the inside shank to expand the wood to make it a snugger fit. i never have taken the stem off to clean with this particular pipe and it still became a little loose. anyone ???? thanks-leaf smoker

  7. @ fates best friend

    Nope, in Jersey where I'm from tobacco buying age is 19.  Doing some research, seems that Utah, Alabama, and Alaska are also 19.

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