The Best Budget Tobacco Pipes – Where Quality Meets Value

I give my current 3 picks for quality Briars in the to 0 range, which I personally feel is the sweet spot for best jump in quality for your money. What do you think? Are there any other brands you would suggest that you enjoy?

UPDATE: This video is important to me because it reinforces a new venture. I’ve put my money where my mouth is, and have started a web store at
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10 thoughts on “The Best Budget Tobacco Pipes – Where Quality Meets Value

  1. i just want to ask a question , i was thinking of buying OMS dublin pipe 150$ , do you think is it worth the money? or should i just go with the savenilli?

  2. Thanks for sharing and for your advice.
    I'm new for pipes,
    I got a traditional Indonesian pipes for $10, the chamber made from indonesian rosewood wood and the stem made from Buffalo horn without varnish paint for finishing, so i think it's an organic pipes (without plastic or acrilic part). And they said i can use black coffee for cleaning the pipes. It is good enough for pipes quality?

  3. buddy, I've retired when I turned 37 and did make 6 figures. I always and still look for best bang for buck. Just wanted to throw that in because you made it seem like just because we make little more than you, we spend money like fools would. not hating, just an opinion.

  4. I keep buying briar pipes for 20-50 $
    At several smoke shops and the step always breaks in a week im at wits end im going to drop 100$ of a peterson or somthibg and see if its me or this black brittle plastic pipes i cant seem to get around.
    Do they make them with steel stem wrapped in wood?
    I have seen horn, i want one but i like a churchwarden style stem more than Reg briar n most reg briars are the only horned stemmed

  5. I got you man. I want to buy a pouch and some accesories for my dad. But you know I'm scared of those "leather" pouches, to find out some nice chinese plastic leather in the package. Can you give me some advice regarding leather pouches for pipes and maybe accesories? I can spend up to 70 bucks in it. Thanx in advance man.

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