Corn Cob Pipe Modification Part 2 – Pipe Mud

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In this video I cover how to prep the tobacco chamber and use pipe mud to raise the bottom of the bowl and form a new draft hole entry point. You can skip the first step and just use the mud to get a similar result.
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12 thoughts on “Corn Cob Pipe Modification Part 2 – Pipe Mud

  1. I started out doing the job the same way Mike does. But got to figuring if I drilled a number of small holes – 2mls – into the shank extension it would allow way faster and easier removal of the same. Works very well.

    But thanks for some of the best instruction on YT, Mike. Just great!

  2. Awesome vid and great drawings. The Romans's used ash in their cement recipe and that stuff is still there 1000 yrs plus.

  3. Why not just have a hole in the middle? Just take ur spatula and twist it down until you hit the drill bit. Wait until it dries then clean up the hole

  4. I know this is an older video, but in regards to why pipe mud hardens, I have an educated guess. Finely sifted wood ash has significant amounts of cement like chemicals in it, so much so that it is often used as an additive in concrete mixes. I wouldn't be surprised if tobacco shared enough of these compounds that it also formed its own cement.

  5. Thanks for the video. Great instructions indeed. I have removed the shank extension long time ago and wanted to fill it with some pipe mud since then, just did that and will leave it for a week to dry. Let's see how it turns out. Cheers.

  6. Please stop banging your carving tools together. It dulls the edge and can actually damage the edge. And it makes woodworkers cringe. Thanks for the videos. I appreciate the instruction.

  7. Managed to get some mud at Aristocob. Good value.
    I noticed you raised the base of the bowl well above the breather hole. Good idea. I didn't do that with mine but am now going to fill them so they're the same as the one you showed here.
    One of the best video instruction/demonstrations on YT.
    Thank you.

  8. If there is no "pipe mud" available, what's the next best thing. Here in Oz there is apparently nothing available like that.

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