Dagner Cob Poker Pipe by Missouri Meerschaum

Thank you everybody for the insane support of the Cob launch. We will have the next batch available on Dagnerpipes.com soon! Check our news letter for info first. You can also purchase the Dagner Cob’s at Aristocob.com

Thank you Jim YT channel Pipes and Beards & IG @jimh5656 for the art record ash tray and tobacco. Wait till you see what I do with it.
Thank you YT channel Alex George & IG alez_george_melbourne for the Aussi candy and my favorite Vegemite.
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14 thoughts on “Dagner Cob Poker Pipe by Missouri Meerschaum

  1. I got me one Saturday. I think it' a Devil because of the rounded bowl and slight tilt. Great job. My first ever cob pipe since I started smoking them in 1977. I can't put it down. I am interested in seeing what you have on your plate! It won't be my last.

  2. I really like mine, great little pocket pipe! Mine came with a couple of hairline cracks in the stem, but a little clear nail polish fixed that!!

  3. Wonderful to see a great American tradition being kept up, being sold by such a humble bunch of folks, and being enjoyed as far as Austrialia. So cool. That's an awesome pipe so keep up the good work. Maybe dream-up another design someday! Regards from Cape Cod, MA 👍

  4. WOW! Havent watched any of you guys's videos in a while. pops sure can grow out a beard quickly. i lost interest in pipe smoking because i bought a shitty tobacco shop pipe and some shitty tobacco also and just had a poor experience and just smoked more cigarettes instead of the pipe. totally wanting to get back in to it and i am planning on ordering one of these cob pokers soon as i can replenish my bank account. btw, jayson, you and i have a common aquaintance, i am from portland and am friends with your fellow beardsman andrew schuler. also, i am wondering if there is any tobacco out there that you really like to smoke out of the cob? i was thinking of trying that mississippi river you speak so highly of.

  5. New to the community, new pipe smoker as well only have 2 pipes. Its funny the first "Pipe Videos" I started to watch were you guys. Then as I continued to watch more and more of these videos and familiarize myself with the people in this YouTube pipe community, it was then that I realized who you guys were (Stupid Me) Anyway, I plan on getting myself a nice set up and start making some videos. Just wanted to drop a line and say hi to you guys and that I love watching your videos and hearing about your interesting chats/stories all the time.

    Keep on the lookout for my intro video !

  6. Hi ya'll were u at
    BaccoJacko sending a big hug to pipers world wide. Keep using the noble weed.
    Ever ask your self why to world is going down the drain? I think it's because of the stop smoking brigade, if they got themselves a pipe (not cigarettes they'll kill you). They would carm down stop trying to live forever and enjoy each day. Carm down you can't take it with you.
    all the best your piping pal.

  7. Great looking pipe I will be placing my order for this one very shortly and cant wait for this will be my first pipe purchase.

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