11 thoughts on “My Corn Cob Pipe Collection And A VR to RealMcCoyPiper

  1. wow I thought I had to many cobs but I see I have a lot of room still , awesome collection Jeremy thanks for showing them

  2. I knew as soon as I saw how long the video was I knew you would have a huge amount of cobs. I enjoyed the whole video bro. Great collection of cobs! I'm a big fan of unfinished cobs as well.

  3. This is interesting…I have most of those cobs myself with the exception of the patriots cob and the pipe cob. Good selection there, I go back and forth between cobs and briar pipes also, and just wanted to chime in and say I like the video. Cheers.

  4. Nice cob collection there bud. I have a few but my most favorite and means to me is the Hackert you gave me… I almost did but didn't dare smoking it yet. Take care brother!

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