Using Bee Wax to color meerschaum pipe

Hopefully you can understand I am presenting you step by step process in using bee wax to colour meerschaum pipe.
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This is my entry into the 2013 Corn Cob Pipe Month Video Contest where I describe and compare my two favorite Missouri Meershaum pipes.

11 thoughts on “Using Bee Wax to color meerschaum pipe

  1. eeHello,
    Saw your video on re-waxing you meerschaum . Followed you instructions and I had excellent results,, Very easy once you know what you're doing. People might want to be extra careful about not letting the wax ge much above 180 C. It seems to start to burn and discolor very quickly then.

    Thanks very much.
    All the best.

    Michael H. Barker

  2. so 'white' beeswax; i would have thought that the unbleached was would be what i want. i was just about to order some when i found your video. white or yellow?

  3. Okay i remember reading on the porous nature of this material; seems like the wax would completely seal it, yeah? don't these pipes need to 'breathe'? thank you..and thanks for posting!

  4. Hello! i had wondered about the finish on these pipes. once the wax has settled, will you be able to buff it at all or do we just leave it like that? thanks

  5. Hey Tim, well done!  I'm also a Morgan Nose Warmer fan, though I prefer the polished version.  Thanks for getting in on this and good luck in the contest.  Scott

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