Aristocob Shop Short: Can you ream a corn cob pipe bowl?

First off, can we agree that Youtube has a knack of selecting some of the worst thumbnail pics? I mean, seriously. Anyway, pipe cleaning is something all pipe smokers must do if we want our pipes to remain “funk free”, and since reaming is part of the routine for briar pipes, why not for corn cob pipes?

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11 thoughts on “Aristocob Shop Short: Can you ream a corn cob pipe bowl?

  1. now I'm not so much of a amateur I think its a personal preference I build cake in my corn cobs because a corn cob is not heat resistant like briar so they smoke hotter so that carbon makes it so your hand isn't holding a scorching hot pipe people say ream others say let cake be its your choice there was a discussion on the pipe forum about this and they were fighting

  2. I just swab the bowl out with the pipe cleaner I recommend reaming a corn cob pipe if its 1.5 mm the size of a dime because the pipe will expand than crack briar or corncob pipe I enjoy Scotts videos

  3. Interesting video Scott. One thing I've noticed working with estate briar pipes is that the cake can grow to the point where it is dramatically decreasing the volume of the tobacco chamber. I have cobs that I have smoked for years and have never seen this happening. I wonder if there is something different in the way cake forms in a cob. Really enjoying the shop shorts! Best, Mike.

  4. I was wondering how you clean the wooden shank? Ever now and then I clean the shank like a briar. That is with grain alcohol. No issue with taste, but I'm wondering if long term cleaning with alcohol or other pipe cleaners will screw up the wooden shank.

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