18 thoughts on “Bong Hit of Pure Hash with No Tobacco

  1. Back in Paris its super easy to get hash but hard and expensive to get bud. So i don't use anything fancy like screens but just pack my bowl with hash only and it works brilliantly and I get really blazed : D

  2. greatings back at ya.
    it a old vid but ya, it was from christiania.
    **u can grow better smoke urself tho, than u can buy..

  3. dude i got some harshisj and i clean my bong for water veryday or 2nd day and my pipe is cleaned every week so clean hit is this good strategy pls i would like to learn froma 15+ years experience..

  4. In my experience, hash is like cheap whiskey while bud is like single malt whiskey. That is, single malt whiskeys live and die on the quality of ONE type of malt. Ordinary blended whiskey is more generic, they mix different malts to make the flavor they want. Often times this means a boring whiskey. The same holds true for hash. No strain of cannabis actually shines through, so you get a very generic high. Single strain hashes are different(like bud), however, but they are extremely rare.

  5. How are you going to make a hash joint with a paper cone without tobacco? Good luck inhaling that shit. I have seen a guy wrap pure hash around some pot but that's it. For everyday joints we some tobacco

    by the way joint and bongs are the preferred methods here.

  6. lmfao.. sure dude.. do u even kno kashmir hash? i strongly doubt u ever seen any in real life. beside that i only been smokin for 25+ years (longer than uve walked this earth) and also grow my own weed.. so i have clearly no clue what im talking about.. oll.. now go away n' troll someone else

  7. I tried using a screen the first time I was doing bong snaps, I even had a dec amount of ganj layering the bottom and my screen was still so dirty after, all caked up with res and stuck to the bowl.
    Straight hash is nice though

  8. @cyberreload – Nice. Talk about my quartz nail broke fucking today and im going insane because I bought a full gram of budder and now I can't dab shit up.. Oh well.. im going t.i now.. fuck quartz lol (if u are aware of the vape globe) haha

  9. @Wrath6909 agreed the lighter the better if that were golden it would be the shit, there is even white hash which is extremely rare and made by scientists

  10. i was gunna be like fuck this idiot he knows nothing, then i heard his accent. and i was like dont fuck around.

  11. @fatalxerror1
    sadly the youth is unaware of the dangers of tobacco (atleast thats how it is with my freinds) therefore i have taken upon myself, the task of enlightening my fellow youths, in the fine art of smoking hash without tobacco 😀

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